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[icon icon_type=”anps_icons” class=”style-3″ position_2=”left” icon_size=”62″ icon_anps_icons=”anps-icon-bank” icon_color=”#00a5df” title=”Our Accounting Services”]Our accounting and bookkeeping services are designed to help small business owners do what’s important to them – focus on their business.[/icon]
[icon icon_type=”anps_icons” class=”style-3″ position_2=”left” icon_size=”62″ icon_anps_icons=”anps-icon-folders” icon_color=”#00a5df” title=”Our Tax Services”]Alan Cabok CPA offers a wide variety of tax services ranging from tax return preparation to complex tax planning strategies.[/icon]
[icon icon_type=”anps_icons” class=”style-3″ position_2=”left” icon_size=”62″ icon_anps_icons=”anps-icon-chess” icon_color=”#00a5df” title=”Industries We Serve”]Our Irvine, CA accounting firm offers a wide range of accounting, bookkeeping, and tax services to businesses in a variety of niche industries.[/icon]
[icon icon_type=”anps_icons” class=”style-3″ position_2=”left” icon_size=”62″ icon_anps_icons=”anps-icon-calculator” icon_color=”#00a5df” title=”Small Business Accounting”]As your trusted financial advocate, Alan Cabok CPA will help with business plan development, entity selection, payroll, tax planning, and more.[/icon]
[icon icon_type=”anps_icons” class=”style-3″ position_2=”left” icon_size=”62″ icon_anps_icons=”anps-icon-coins” icon_color=”#00a5df” title=”IRS Tax Problems”]Alan Cabok CPA specializes in working with the IRS to help businesses and individuals find the best solutions to resolve their IRS tax problems.[/icon]
[icon icon_type=”anps_icons” class=”style-3″ position_2=”left” icon_size=”62″ icon_anps_icons=”anps-icon-online-payment” icon_color=”#00a5df” title=”Xero Accounting”]As a Certified Partner, we have the knowledge, experience, and tools to help you maximize the benefits of using Xero accounting software.[/icon]

    About us

    CPA Firm in Orange County, CA

    We take care of everything

    Alan Chabok CPA is an Orange County CPA firm dedicated to providing superior, personalized tax and accounting services. We have always exceeded expectations by tailoring our services to client needs and providing the highest level of personalized service. Our professionals keep abreast of the latest developments in their respective fields of expertise and use them to assist our clients in achieving their financial goals.

    We provide bookkeeping services, tax planning, new business advisory, and much more. Whether your business is new or established, small or mid-sized, you’ll always receive the personal support and exceptional service our Orange County, CA CPA has come to be known for by local business owners.

    In addition to our wide range of business accounting and tax services, we also provide tax preparation services for individuals. When you trust us to prepare your taxes, you’ll have the comfort of knowing that they’ve been calculated accurately and you’ll get your tax refund back quickly.

    Let us work for you! To learn more about the entire scope of accounting and bookkeeping services offered by Alan Chabok CPA, and how we can save you money on taxes, contact us for a free consultation now.

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    We deliver true results, focusing on strategic decisions and practical
    actions tailored to our clients' unique reality.

    Full Administrative Service Management

    With 30 years of experience, helping businesses
    to find comprehensive solutions

    We needed someone we could trust, with exceptional experience that would keep our company’s best interest in mind. Alan Chabok, CPA continuously overdelivers, providing honest feedback and successful results. We can confidently say that one of the reasons for our company’s growth and success is thanks to Alan Chabok, CPA and their core commitment to their clientele.

    Navid Noor

    CEO, PurpleZ, Inc.

    Alan Chabok, CPA has been preparing my taxes for 19 years. They’re definitely more than your average CPA firm. The loyalty and dependability Alan and his team possess is tremendous and I couldn’t be more pleased with their work. Alan’s vast accounting and tax knowledge is clear from the moment you meet him. A big thank you to Alan and his excellent team at Alan Chabok, CPA!

    Mitchell K. Naficy, MD

    CEO, Naficy Medical Group

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    Jane Doe

    Naturepainting CEO

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    John Doe

    Rockport CEO

    We advise business owners and individuals on their most critical issues and opportunities

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